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International Success


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Localization and Translation

Process and implementation review
Strategies and Best Practices to ensure success
Translation and Localization
Custom NMT

Marketing and Design

Marketing and automation
Getting your message across globally

Training & Support

Enable your Team
Ongoing Training and Support
eLearning and OnSite

Localization Technologies

Process and Workflow reviews
Strategies and Best Practices
TMS, Custom NMT, Hybrid
Utilize your existing solutions to their full potential

Workforce Solutions

Localization & Tools Training
Marketing  & Tools Training
Workforce development and eLearning

Cross Cultural Solutions

We focus on helping teams and organizations work across international borders. Cultural difference transformed into opportunities for success.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Tra-Loc Inc. has supported many multinational organizations in creating and maintaining global presence by providing cost effective and fully integrated localization solutions.

  • Customer facing communications
  • Website and E-commerce localization
  • Integrated SAP, AEM, etc localization processes
  • Helpdesks and customer support solutions
  • Product manuals, Online Help
  • Full marketing support, transcreation and writing
  • Global HR Solutions
  • and many more business strategies

A "not so" serious look at a Banana!

A humorous and nutritious look at Translation and Localization based on the travels of a Banana from the Farm to the Shelf of your favourite Grocery Store.

Insightful details about how your daily life is impacted by what we do:

  • How often is language and translation involved in the travel plans
  • Documentation, Contracts and translation involved
  • Honourable “mentions” of our Banana in different IT systems  up to the Banana button at the self-checkout
  • Supporting industries that are involved along the way
  • Even a brief outlook on how our Banana’s arrival is advertised globally
  • and many more interesting little facts about Bananas

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